Learn how companies have improved productivity while reducing costs by implementing Glue Dots Brand Adhesives and equipment. Download the Case Studies below to learn more.

Automation - SD-900 & Custom Automation Solutions

Angling For Success

SD-900 In-Line Automation | Standard Adhesive

When a “next generation” packaging design unexpectedly conflicts with production automation do you rework the packaging or update the automation? A global manufacturer of fishing products was faced with this challenge and turned to Glue Dots International (GDI) for answers.


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Connecting With the Sun

SD-900 In-Line Automation | Standard Adhesive

During an automated packaging process, materials can shift and become unstable causing components to move during transport. An international manufacturer of solar cells turned to Glue Dots International to resolve this very issue.


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Benchtop Applicators - Auto Dot® Pro & EconoDot

Keeping a New Product from Going Down the Drain

Auto Dot™ Pro Benchtop Applicator | Custom Adhesive

In the case of an unforeseen assembly problem, a simple solution can save a company from costly redesigns and product launch delays. 


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Major Engine Producer Increases Productivity 50%

Auto Dot™ Pro Benchtop Applicator | Standard Adhesive

A major producer of engine products realizes increased productivity in its assembly production process because of  an automated Glue Dots® applicator.


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Time for a Coffee Break

EconoDot® Benchtop Applicator | Standard Adhesive 

By providing complete printing, post-press, and fulfillment services under one roof, companies can save their clients money while increasing revenue.


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Handheld Applicators - Dot Shot® Pro & QuikDot® Pro

Bridging the Gap to New Markets

Dot Shot Pro Handheld Applicator | Standard Adhesive

A national cheese manufacturer was trying to capitalize on an opportunity by breaking into the club/warehouse markets with a new value pack. Faced with short lead times the company turned to Glue Dots International’s (GDI) experience to address their unique challenges.


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Helps a Contract Packager Meet Customer Needs

Dot Shot Pro Handheld Applicator | Standard Adhesive

Cross-promoting products by attaching free samples is a common practice of manufacturers today. However, this often presents challenges in packaging design and assembly. 

case study_contractpackager_Squeeze_Final

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Distributing Success

QuikDot™ Pro | Beverage Re-Packing Adhesive

Carrying case failure is a multi-million dollar problem for the beverage industry, resulting in countless returns to re-pack centers, and higher labor and transportation costs for manufacturers and distributors. Looking to curb costs for beverage repacking, one distributor in the Pacific Northwest discovered a new technology from Glue Dots International.

GlueDots_CS_Distributing Success_QuikDotPro

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Helps a Candle Manufacturer Meet Shipping Deadlines

Dot Shot Pro Handheld Applicator | Standard Adhesive

Packaging is often employed to display a product on the store shelves as well as provide a convenient carton for storage and shipping. But for this to work, components must stay in place, and labels must be visible. 


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Dispenser Box Applicator & Custom Adhesive 

Glue Dots Helps Keep Hardware in Place During Shipping

Dispenser Box Application | Standard Adhesive

During shipping, parts and hardware have a way of rattling around in the box, making final assembly difficult. Basco, a manufacturer of shower doors, wanted to ensure the brackets shipped with the doors didn’t get lost, so they turned to Ellsworth Adhesives and Glue Dots International for a solution.


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Glue Dots Helps Customers Save their Soles

Custom Adhesive

ProFoot™, a leading manufacturer of insoles, arch supports and other footcare products, needed a versatile, simple way for customers to adhere insoles in their shoes. Glue Dots International worked closely with Valley Industrial Products and ProFoot to create a custom solution that worked for their entire product line.


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